Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

I guess Valentines's Day is right up there with my favorite day for card making. I guess because it is such a happy day. We should tell our love ones we love them so much everyday. Happy Valentine's Day to all of my loved ones, and my friends. I have some of the best friends. They are so supporting, encouraging, and always there to listen to my whining, and here lately that is everyday. Here are some of the Valentine cards for my kids. I have the worst time making masculine Valentine Cards, and since I have one sweet daughter-in-law and one sweet granddaughter, and and 2 sons, 2 grandsons and only one husband (lol), you would think I could do this. Girls are so much more fun! Oh, how could I forget, my 2 babygirls! The Chihuahuas! Our new little baby boy Chihuahua, is proving to be quite the scamp. When we first got him, he was such a sick little baby. After great care by our vet who just happens to be the best vet in the world. Dr. Susan Little, and her staff is the best! We are not use to such little antics. He chews on everything! I caught him chewing on one of my stamps. HOW did he get it? He has torn up one of my Paper Crafting magazines, chewed up a houseshoe, some of the toys my girls have had for years. He is 3lbs. of terror, but oh so cute! Back to the Valentine cards. Oh, I colored these with my copic markers! No, I'm not abandoning my beloved pencils, but these markers are so much fun. Here they are! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hoot Hello!

Yes, it's been awhile. Alot has happened around the house lately. We've added some rather new exciting additions to our family. I am now a grandmother and a new mommy. Don't panic! Let me explain: We rescued a little baby boy, a new brother for my girls. Hes' such a cutie, and just as sweet. Meet Tigger a 3lb. Chihuahua. My husband doesn't feel quite so outnumbered now. Although I was the only girl for years. We have two wonderful sons. One of whom became a daddy on January 26th. Alex Craig Evers, 8lbs 1oz. 20 3/4 inches long. Of course, I included a picture. I have had a little time lately to do some stamping. So let me share with you what I've done.... Both of these stamps can be found at BStamps & Stuff. Enjoy!